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                   1 INTRODUCTION

                     At the Department of Planning, we have welcomed the opportunity for self-evaluation and the chance to
                     receive valuable input from external experts .

                     1.1  THE EVALUATION PROCESS

                     The evaluation process consists of three main activities; first, the self-evaluation report, secondly, the
                     evaluation meeting by the Evaluation Committee, and finally, the evaluation report .

                     The self-evaluation report process was managed by a group of professors formed by one professor from
                     each of the eight research groups and chaired by Professor Henrik Lund, supported by the head of the
                     department and the management team . The self-evaluation report serves as the underlying basis of the
                     evaluation meeting and the final evaluation report .

                     1.2  THE EVALUATION COMMITTEE

                     An important part of the evaluation was to appoint an external evaluation committee to conduct the final
                     evaluation of the department . The committee was composed in a way that ensured that its members had
                     not been recently involved in the research of the Department of Planning and were collectively competent in
                     the department’s research areas . The members were selected based on their research merits and domain
                     expertise, as well as their extensive experience with research leadership, administration, and evaluation .

                     Prof. Enrico Benetto
                     Enrico Benetto currently leads the Environmental Sustainability Assessment and Circularity (SUSTAIN)
                     Unit . The unit is part of the Environmental Research and Innovation (ERIN) department of the Luxembourg
                     Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), and includes 46 researchers working in the fields of life cycle
                     sustainability analysis, environment health, sustainable energy systems and environmental policies .

                     Enrico has twenty years of leadership experience at RDI institutions in the field of environmental
                     sustainability and risk assessment of products, technologies and policies to support decision-making
                     in industry and public policy . He has developed a style of evidence-based leadership, focused on the
                     alignment and engagement of collaborators through trust, transparent communication and business
                     agility and on the definition and successful implementation of factual strategies . His RDI vision in the
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