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                     The aim of this research evaluation is to gather comments and recommendations for use in the future
                     research strategy of our department . The first part of this report is a self-evaluation of the department
                     and of the eight research groups, based on contributions from all the groups . The self-evaluation sets
                     out the research areas, activities and impact of the past five years and presents the research strategies,
                     opportunities and challenges of the coming years . The second part of the report is an external review of
                     our research performance and organisation by the Evaluation Committee . I want to thank the four highly
                     esteemed professors on the Evaluation Committee for putting their expertise at our disposal to ensure
                     an evaluation of a high standard .

                     This research evaluation is the first of its kind in the Department of Planning, and I look forward to
                     learning from the self-evaluation and from the suggestions and recommendations which have been
                     provided by the Evaluation Committee . This input will be discussed throughout our department to allow
                     us to learn from the evaluation, serving as input for our strategic development for the next five years .

                     Tine Herreborg Jørgensen
                     Head of the Department of Planning
                     Aalborg, April 2020
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